Backgammon Tournaments

Backgammon has around 5000 of history. There is evidence the Greeks and the Romans loved to play backgammon. The game has undergone many transformations, depending on the area it developed. Nowadays, there exist hundreds of variants of the game, as well as denominations. From Backgammon, to Gammon, to Shesh Besh, and many others. At the beginning, backgammon was played with just one dice, and it was only in the 1920’s that the pair of dice appeared. The name backgammon originated in England, where the game was also modernized. In countries of the Middle East, it is very common to see people on the street, in the markets, or on the beach, playing backgammon. No matter the age, the cultural level, the social background%u2026 The excitement of the game and its accessibility to everyone makes of it one of the most emblematic games of all times. At this site you will find all kinds of backgammon related materials, from strategies to rules, reviews of the most popular backgammon sites, and much more.

There are many backgammon tournaments in the world. However, the lack of an international association that unifies them all makes it difficult for some players to acquire a real professional experience. The ABT is trying to unify all tournaments in the United States for players to get to a master-point with a good number of points obtained at different tournaments throughout the year. Those points cannot be taken away from the player and they are awarded for good. Actually, the ABT is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, along with the World Cup and the World Championship. Most of the professional tournaments take place in the U.S.A., although the European Federation of Backgammon has come out with a truly professional tournament. A good number of satellite competitions give players the opportunity to classify for the Finals. There are also online backgammon tournaments on a daily or weekly basis, apart from the special tournaments, which take place annually. Most sites are offering amazing prizes in order to attract more players to the online scene. As it is well known, backgammon players have been the more reticent to play the game on the Net, especially if we compare them with casino games players.

10 Famous Crimes in The History


Las Vegas is one of a fascinating cities in the world. Many people go to the city in to relax. In some quarters, those who visit this city to sample its delights may be considered degenerates. It is for this reason that famous crime Las Vegas draw more attention than famous crime elsewhere. The following is a list of ten of the famous crimes in Las Vegas. They are not in any particular order.

1. The Murder of Tupac Shakur

Tupac was shot in Las Vegas on 7th September 1996. He died six days later. This crime was made famous by Tupac’s profile as one of the most influential rappers in American history. Conspiracy theories surrounding the death also increased interest in it.

2.  The Hilton Arson

The Hilton in Vegas has a place in history of the city. It hosted big names such as Elvis Presley. This gave it a high profile among hotels. When it burned down killing eight people the incident made international news.

3. Bellagio Casino Robbery

Casinos are heavily surveilled and therefore difficult to rob. Antony Carleo stole chips worth $1.5 million and got away before he was arrested.

4. Bamlet Murder

The culinary workers’ union 226 under the leadership of Al Bamlet was the most powerful union in Vegas. Bamlet was murdered in 1977 by hitmen he had hired to bomb a non-compliant hotel.

5. O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Robbery

Simpson had become infamous during his trial for the murder of his wife and her lover. He and five associates stole his memorabilia from two dealers. The robbery was captured on tape and it captures national attention.

6. Jessica Williams DUI

In this case an unpaired person was conviаcted for DUI. The conviction of Jessica Williams was based on the readings of her blood tests.

7. Tony Spilotro and the Hole in the Wall gang

Spilotro was a mafia enforcer who ran a high-end burglar gang on the side. During his trial for the robberies, the jury couldn’t reach a verdict. The lack of a verdict necessitated a retrial. Spilotro also had an affair with the wife of a Vegas mob boss. The mafia in Chicago unhappy with the visibility Spilotro was bringing them killed him. His story was made into the movie Casino in 1995.

8. Christina Lafave and the Tourists Rolex

Lafave stole an Australian tourist’s watch valued at $35000. The case made international headlines because she hid the watch in her vagina. This crime was committed in 204.

9. Kevyn Wynne Kidnap

The victim was the daughter of Steve Wynne, CEO of Treasure Island and Bellagio casino. To secure her release, Steve paid a ransom of $1.45 million. Perpetrators were arrested a few days later when one of them went to buy a Ferrari.

10. Ted Binion Murder

Ted Binion was first an object of public attention in 1967. A cab driver had tried to kidnap him. His father Benny Binion was an old time badass. He ordered the cab driver killed. 20 years later, Ted was found dead under mysterious circumstances. His best friend and girlfriend were convicted for his murder. They were later released on appeal.


All cities in the world have their measure of crime. Other cities in the US and the world have had much more horrific crimes. There are also cities that have much higher crime rates than Vegas around the world. Many people, however, assume that Las Vegas has more incidences of crime. The moniker Sin City given to Las Vegas creates the impression that Vegas is most crime prone city. Sin City, however, refers to the prevalence of adult entertainment in the city.

Why Is Blackjack So Popular

Anybody can learn to play blackjack in a matter of minutes. The game moves at the reasonably fast pace which easily holds your attention. But that just shows how accessible the game is. The fact that people return to play it day after day and year after year demonstrates its popularity.

In 1966 Edward O. Thorp published his famous book “Beat the Dealer.” His book showed that the game can be beaten with correct strategy. Thousands of people read and reread his book in preparation for vacations to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Even today, his book is still one of the most popular books on blackjack. Visit any bookstore with a games section and there will be numerous books on the subject. Most will be promoting a card counting system that could lead you to riches. Others will simply be very entertaining stories about the game.

Blackjack is a common theme in a number of popular movies. In the 80s blackjack got a shot in popularity after the movie Rain Man was released. Dustin Hoffman played an autistic man with a gift for numbers. His brother, Tom Cruise, took advantage of his gift and they spent a few days in Las Vegas cleaning up at the blackjack tables. In 2008 Kevin Spacey played a math professor from MIT who used his students to form a blackjack team. They would fly to Vegas every weekend and clean up at the blackjack tables. The movie was titled “21” and was based on the true story of the MIT 6.

In the early 21st century, blackjack tournaments became very popular. The tournaments are played in rounds. Each round lasts for 30 hands or so and the 2 players with the most chips at each table move on. They were frequently shown on television and soon casinos all over were hosting weekly and sometimes daily blackjack tournaments for their customers.

Even in places where gambling is illegal, you can find the occasional blackjack game. Usually, this will be at a charity casino night. If you get the chance, watch the people playing blackjack at one of these events. They are always one of the loudest groups in the event laughing and cheering. There could not be a clearer picture of just how fun blackjack can be.


Total Annihilation

This is without a doubt the best game I have ever played and I have played a lot and reviewed many games for dutch magazines too and still I keep myself getting back to Total Annihilation.

Some simple facts:

it uses sea, land and air units

It uses 3D terrain

it has 3D units without giving up the overview of the game.

150 units for each side.

a skirmish battle option.

3rd party units, maps and AI can be downloaded from the internet.

Specialised units like sea to sea, air to air, air to ground, etc.

Massive maps for multiplayer gaming. 64MB maps made by Cavedog 128 MB maps seen on the internet.

Maps will become a battle field of pure mayhem. Massive battles are possible due to a 500 unit limit on a map.

8 players can play on the same map.

The possibility of teaming up with someone during the game.

I have Total Annihilation since day 1 with both Core Contingency and Battle Tactics add-on. When you buy Total Annihilation due at least get Core Contingency because that is one worthy add-on to get also. Since the beginning I kept playing Total Annihilation and I have spend very much time playing it. You may ask why? Simple because it’s balanced has a revolutionary gameplay, great sounds and it still looks stunning.

Gameplay: The original Total Annihilation has 150 units/buildings for each side in the game. Which is still quite high for today’s standard, but the add-on Core Contingency gives you even more units/buildings to use in the game. Besides that TA gives you the possibility to add 3rd party units. With tons of units downloadable on the internet you can create a gameplay which goes beyond everyone’s mind. Add the fact that there are even AI’s for the game on the net which are far better than the normal AI and you get the ideal game to get you through a rainy week.

Sacrifice: basicly Sacrifice is the best game i have ever played

Sacrifice: basicly Sacrifice is the best game I have ever played. it is brilliant in all aspects of the game from the outstanding graphics to the brilliant gameplay. In the game you do the dirty work for 5 different gods, all of which have different spells you can cast an different creatures you can summon. My favourite god being the god of pain (and remember his name) mainly because i like evil things. go down town now and buy Sacrifice ,after you have read this review of course.


Gameplay: The point of the game is to protect your alter and destroy your enemies alter basic, though on some levels you do other things such as escorting people around without getting them killed. The way you cast spells is to collect mana. To summon creatures you need to get blue souls. When you kill an enemy creature the soul is red which means that the soul is not puse. To make the soul pure you can summon a sac-doctor to make it pure. If someone on your team dies then it is already pure. I love the design of all the creatures, everyone of them are very creative.

Graphics: I wanna kill anyone who disses Sacrifices graphics! They are brilliant, from the lightmaps to the highres textures. All the creatures look good enough to be real and the special effects (particularly on the tornado spell) are amazing! Worth buying the game just to see the graphics i think. Sacrifice ran perfectly smoothly on my pc with most settings at max and I did not experience any slowdown too.

Sound: WOW! The sound really adds to Sacrifice enjoyment factor.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and what is more important I hope you learned something from it. If you did, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I love reading you you have to say, because reading your comments helps me to improve my blog! Thank you!

Serious Sam: A great fun game

Serious Sam: A great fun game. This is the kind of game you play if you want a real quick, BIG fragfest. In fact, everything in Serious Sam is huge (the guns, the levels, the last baddy!) It’s also very fresh as every other FPS tries to be REALISTIC and really aren’t. This gives you aliens to shoot again,when was the last time you saw a new FPS with aliens (AvP 1 and 2, but they also try to be realistic).

Gameplay: No brainer. If it moves, kill it. If you see any large open areas, be prepared for waves of enemies (the best part of the game). There are some really easy puzzles, and shouldn’t slow you down for more than 3 minutes. They usually reward you with a massive fragfest.
Graphics: Spaces are enormous. Shoot a rocket into the air and see how far it goes. Simply amazing. They should make one of those realistic FPS with Serious Sam engine. And everything looks fantastic! The last boss is completely different to every other boss.

Sound: I didn’t have surround sound when I played Serious Sam, but from what I was able to hear, the sounds are quite good. The pump-action on the shotgun sounds a bit fake but the shot sounds good.


Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The game takes you into the WWII world and you really feel like it with the graphics, sounds, and animations that EA Games rocked on. Overall, the game is awesome. There are a few minor glitches but overall, spectacular.


Gameplay: Playing Medal of Honor will take good reflexes and stealth. Unlike most 3D shooters, you are immersed in a game that feels very real.

Graphics: The graphics are astounding with all the settings maxed out. It seems that game developers are getting better and better at making gameplay look very real. Although the Quake 3 engine is powerful, I think an overhaul would really kick games into photo-reality.

Sound: Sounds are very realistic in Medal of Honor. Weaponry, people, overhead planes – even your equipment makes sound. Together with amazing graphics, you really feel like you’re inside the game.



Sims: Although I have not played the sims properly yet on a PC or any other format of gaming console it has come to my knowledge it’s one of the best simulation game (or any type of game!) ever made.

I have only ever played it for a few days on rent. I Did not stop playing it once over a period of 48 hours. I played it so much my body became so limited of food and liquids I was eventually diagnosed of severe dehydration and was sent to a hospital immediately.

This is how addictive the game really is but I hope this does not happen to you!

People always say you could not play god… but you can now!!


Gameplay: I found the gameplay extremely addictive (as my review from above shall tell you) but in all that a few general hours of gameplay makes you wonder is this happening to us?

Life on the sims has been perfected so much it features details from taking out the trash to looking in the paper for Jobs it’s mind blowing how much they have perfected it to.

There is one downside though if you by Sims you will have to say goodbye to you real life and survive on a simulated one where people do what you tell them to do!

Graphics: Graphics are not amazing but fair enough as they do tend to mess up sometimes.

What am I am saying the Graphics are amazing down to the furniture and the tiny blades of grass.

Although the game engine could do with a bit of an upgrade sometimes it does get a bit dodgy.

Sound: Sound would be topped of if you Sims spoke in proper language but learning their little Sim language is even better.

Over a slow period of time you will know your sims inside out because of their conversation.

They basically discuss whatever they want to telling you all their likes and dislikes while speaking to other Sims but having a Sim live alone can make them go kind of nuts.

Other sounds though like the T.V and radio music really do sound life like and makes you want to play forever.


For those of us who love gaming, being a dealer in a casino is a dream we want to achieve. Being a dealer will let us play the games we love more often, experience the big wins and most importantly get big tips from the great players. As we imagine, it will be all perfect, but what is the life of a dealer in a casino like?

It’s not all about the passion, dealers need to make money. Of concern is the money that dealers make on a daily if not hourly basis. Some of the factors that determine this include:

• The games one is dealing.

• The generosity of the players.

• How busy a dealer is and their skills in dealing.

• The seasonal demand for the games.

There is always a first day, which are normally the most unpredictable. The dealers may be assigned to games in which they are slow-paced and they will generate fewer tips. The seasonality of the games necessitate that during some periods, some tables will be closed hence cutting into their earnings.

Dealers who deal for high rollers make a fortune. Average dealers are dependent on how much they are liked by their players and the games they deal.

What is the life of a dealer in a casino like? Well, it’s more about social capacity. A dealer has to be a peples’-person; they have to be good at associating with the players and their fellow dealers. Sometimes they may have to share the tips they get, in which case, good public relations come in handy to maintain the peace within the dealers. In the case that the dealers share the tips, the skill and proficiency of every dealer matters. Generally, it’s all about the games, the people and the money.

The interesting thing about being a dealer is that they are physically and mentally engaged. At any given time they are in one of the given situations: being on their feet full time, sitting when they deal for poker games or in a break.

Good moments are guaranteed for dealers.

v For starters, minimal training is required. Though expertise matter, there is no masters’ degree for one to be a dealer. Training for these games are pretty much affordable, some casinos offer in-house training while most casinos offer training when they are first opening.

v The scheduling for the dealers is very flexible and may be such that they can have time off whenever they need it. This is of advantage when the schedule favors peak times at the casino when one can make more money.

v Some casinos offer health plans for their employees, retirement programs, vacations and time offs. Who wouldn’t want this?!

Rough patches are always bound to happen. Some of them include:

v Mistakes. The mistakes a dealer makes may not be tolerated by the players. The players may get angry and get the dealers in an emotional state which may hinder good performance. The dealers have to be able to take it all in and still be functional; this takes a great deal of control considering how rough players can get especially since they all seek to make a financial kill.

v Surveillances’ watchful eyes. The casino surveillance keeps a watchful eye on the dealers at all times, they probably seek to protect the money more than their customers. Being under their watchful eye can be a little uncomfortable. Surveillance team doesn’t put up with any behavior that insinuates cheating, theft or collusion so discipline is the one quality a dealer has to have.

v In casinos, the customers smoke and drink. In some cases they also do drugs. The environment in which all of these activities take place is rowdy and noisy with the unpleasant smell which is not very pleasing. Dealers have to put up with this every single day.

What is the life of a dealer in a casino like? It sure has pros and cons just like all other jobs. I go for the advantages and I think it’s awesome.