Backgammon Tournaments

Backgammon has around 5000 of history. There is evidence the Greeks and the Romans loved to play backgammon. The game has undergone many transformations, depending on the area it developed. Nowadays, there exist hundreds of variants of the game, as well as denominations. From Backgammon, to Gammon, to Shesh Besh, and many others. At the beginning, backgammon was played with just one dice, and it was only in the 1920’s that the pair of dice appeared. The name backgammon originated in England, where the game was also modernized. In countries of the Middle East, it is very common to see people on the street, in the markets, or on the beach, playing backgammon. No matter the age, the cultural level, the social background%u2026 The excitement of the game and its accessibility to everyone makes of it one of the most emblematic games of all times. At this site you will find all kinds of backgammon related materials, from strategies to rules, reviews of the most popular backgammon sites, and much more.

There are many backgammon tournaments in the world. However, the lack of an international association that unifies them all makes it difficult for some players to acquire a real professional experience. The ABT is trying to unify all tournaments in the United States for players to get to a master-point with a good number of points obtained at different tournaments throughout the year. Those points cannot be taken away from the player and they are awarded for good. Actually, the ABT is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world, along with the World Cup and the World Championship. Most of the professional tournaments take place in the U.S.A., although the European Federation of Backgammon has come out with a truly professional tournament. A good number of satellite competitions give players the opportunity to classify for the Finals. There are also online backgammon tournaments on a daily or weekly basis, apart from the special tournaments, which take place annually. Most sites are offering amazing prizes in order to attract more players to the online scene. As it is well known, backgammon players have been the more reticent to play the game on the Net, especially if we compare them with casino games players.