Sacrifice: basicly Sacrifice is the best game i have ever played

Sacrifice: basicly Sacrifice is the best game I have ever played. it is brilliant in all aspects of the game from the outstanding graphics to the brilliant gameplay. In the game you do the dirty work for 5 different gods, all of which have different spells you can cast an different creatures you can summon. My favourite god being the god of pain (and remember his name) mainly because i like evil things. go down town now and buy Sacrifice ,after you have read this review of course.


Gameplay: The point of the game is to protect your alter and destroy your enemies alter basic, though on some levels you do other things such as escorting people around without getting them killed. The way you cast spells is to collect mana. To summon creatures you need to get blue souls. When you kill an enemy creature the soul is red which means that the soul is not puse. To make the soul pure you can summon a sac-doctor to make it pure. If someone on your team dies then it is already pure. I love the design of all the creatures, everyone of them are very creative.

Graphics: I wanna kill anyone who disses Sacrifices graphics! They are brilliant, from the lightmaps to the highres textures. All the creatures look good enough to be real and the special effects (particularly on the tornado spell) are amazing! Worth buying the game just to see the graphics i think. Sacrifice ran perfectly smoothly on my pc with most settings at max and I did not experience any slowdown too.

Sound: WOW! The sound really adds to Sacrifice enjoyment factor.

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