Serious Sam: A great fun game

Serious Sam: A great fun game. This is the kind of game you play if you want a real quick, BIG fragfest. In fact, everything in Serious Sam is huge (the guns, the levels, the last baddy!) It’s also very fresh as every other FPS tries to be REALISTIC and really aren’t. This gives you aliens to shoot again,when was the last time you saw a new FPS with aliens (AvP 1 and 2, but they also try to be realistic).

Gameplay: No brainer. If it moves, kill it. If you see any large open areas, be prepared for waves of enemies (the best part of the game). There are some really easy puzzles, and shouldn’t slow you down for more than 3 minutes. They usually reward you with a massive fragfest.
Graphics: Spaces are enormous. Shoot a rocket into the air and see how far it goes. Simply amazing. They should make one of those realistic FPS with Serious Sam engine. And everything looks fantastic! The last boss is completely different to every other boss.

Sound: I didn’t have surround sound when I played Serious Sam, but from what I was able to hear, the sounds are quite good. The pump-action on the shotgun sounds a bit fake but the shot sounds good.


Medal of Honor Review

Medal of Honor is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The game takes you into the WWII world and you really feel like it with the graphics, sounds, and animations that EA Games rocked on. Overall, the game is awesome. There are a few minor glitches but overall, spectacular.


Gameplay: Playing Medal of Honor will take good reflexes and stealth. Unlike most 3D shooters, you are immersed in a game that feels very real.

Graphics: The graphics are astounding with all the settings maxed out. It seems that game developers are getting better and better at making gameplay look very real. Although the Quake 3 engine is powerful, I think an overhaul would really kick games into photo-reality.

Sound: Sounds are very realistic in Medal of Honor. Weaponry, people, overhead planes – even your equipment makes sound. Together with amazing graphics, you really feel like you’re inside the game.