Sims: Although I have not played the sims properly yet on a PC or any other format of gaming console it has come to my knowledge it’s one of the best simulation game (or any type of game!) ever made.

I have only ever played it for a few days on rent. I Did not stop playing it once over a period of 48 hours. I played it so much my body became so limited of food and liquids I was eventually diagnosed of severe dehydration and was sent to a hospital immediately.

This is how addictive the game really is but I hope this does not happen to you!

People always say you could not play god… but you can now!!


Gameplay: I found the gameplay extremely addictive (as my review from above shall tell you) but in all that a few general hours of gameplay makes you wonder is this happening to us?

Life on the sims has been perfected so much it features details from taking out the trash to looking in the paper for Jobs it’s mind blowing how much they have perfected it to.

There is one downside though if you by Sims you will have to say goodbye to you real life and survive on a simulated one where people do what you tell them to do!

Graphics: Graphics are not amazing but fair enough as they do tend to mess up sometimes.

What am I am saying the Graphics are amazing down to the furniture and the tiny blades of grass.

Although the game engine could do with a bit of an upgrade sometimes it does get a bit dodgy.

Sound: Sound would be topped of if you Sims spoke in proper language but learning their little Sim language is even better.

Over a slow period of time you will know your sims inside out because of their conversation.

They basically discuss whatever they want to telling you all their likes and dislikes while speaking to other Sims but having a Sim live alone can make them go kind of nuts.

Other sounds though like the T.V and radio music really do sound life like and makes you want to play forever.