Total Annihilation

This is without a doubt the best game I have ever played and I have played a lot and reviewed many games for dutch magazines too and still I keep myself getting back to Total Annihilation.

Some simple facts:

it uses sea, land and air units

It uses 3D terrain

it has 3D units without giving up the overview of the game.

150 units for each side.

a skirmish battle option.

3rd party units, maps and AI can be downloaded from the internet.

Specialised units like sea to sea, air to air, air to ground, etc.

Massive maps for multiplayer gaming. 64MB maps made by Cavedog 128 MB maps seen on the internet.

Maps will become a battle field of pure mayhem. Massive battles are possible due to a 500 unit limit on a map.

8 players can play on the same map.

The possibility of teaming up with someone during the game.

I have Total Annihilation since day 1 with both Core Contingency and Battle Tactics add-on. When you buy Total Annihilation due at least get Core Contingency because that is one worthy add-on to get also. Since the beginning I kept playing Total Annihilation and I have spend very much time playing it. You may ask why? Simple because it’s balanced has a revolutionary gameplay, great sounds and it still looks stunning.

Gameplay: The original Total Annihilation has 150 units/buildings for each side in the game. Which is still quite high for today’s standard, but the add-on Core Contingency gives you even more units/buildings to use in the game. Besides that TA gives you the possibility to add 3rd party units. With tons of units downloadable on the internet you can create a gameplay which goes beyond everyone’s mind. Add the fact that there are even AI’s for the game on the net which are far better than the normal AI and you get the ideal game to get you through a rainy week.