Why Is Blackjack So Popular

Anybody can learn to play blackjack in a matter of minutes. The game moves at the reasonably fast pace which easily holds your attention. But that just shows how accessible the game is. The fact that people return to play it day after day and year after year demonstrates its popularity.

In 1966 Edward O. Thorp published his famous book “Beat the Dealer.” His book showed that the game can be beaten with correct strategy. Thousands of people read and reread his book in preparation for vacations to Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Even today, his book is still one of the most popular books on blackjack. Visit any bookstore with a games section and there will be numerous books on the subject. Most will be promoting a card counting system that could lead you to riches. Others will simply be very entertaining stories about the game.

Blackjack is a common theme in a number of popular movies. In the 80s blackjack got a shot in popularity after the movie Rain Man was released. Dustin Hoffman played an autistic man with a gift for numbers. His brother, Tom Cruise, took advantage of his gift and they spent a few days in Las Vegas cleaning up at the blackjack tables. In 2008 Kevin Spacey played a math professor from MIT who used his students to form a blackjack team. They would fly to Vegas every weekend and clean up at the blackjack tables. The movie was titled “21” and was based on the true story of the MIT 6.

In the early 21st century, blackjack tournaments became very popular. The tournaments are played in rounds. Each round lasts for 30 hands or so and the 2 players with the most chips at each table move on. They were frequently shown on television and soon casinos all over were hosting weekly and sometimes daily blackjack tournaments for their customers.

Even in places where gambling is illegal, you can find the occasional blackjack game. Usually, this will be at a charity casino night. If you get the chance, watch the people playing blackjack at one of these events. They are always one of the loudest groups in the event laughing and cheering. There could not be a clearer picture of just how fun blackjack can be.